Tone & Tease


Are you ready to Unleash and Let Go?

That’s what my Tone and Tease workout is all about. This toning and cardio full-body workout lets you get your ‘sweaxy’ on and feel great about yourself. You don’t even have to leave your chair to do it!


These dance moves drive a path straight through that nasty clutter and dig right into the heart of your pure spirit. Put yourself into it, and you’ll find yourself breaking out of your rut in no time, kicking those ugly bad feelings to the curb.  You don’t need to feel anything less than FANTASTIC!


You don’t have to be a dancer to do Tone and Tease. It’s all about the movement and getting back in touch with yourself.


If you can sit, you can do this workout. Let your hair down! Wear your heels, put on your favorite workout gear, check yourself out in the mirror - whatever gets you in the spirit.


Join us and you’ll be whipping your hair around, shaking your hips, and immersing yourself in the flow and fun of the music, the moves, and the marvelous attitude of the people around you. Bring out your sass and get ready to dance your way to confidence!


To be perfectly imperfect and enjoy life to the fullest. To unleash and let go!


When you join our Tribe, you’ll rediscover your own rhythm, your own magic, your own power with the Tone and Tease workouts. Discover more about “Tone and Tease” workouts HERE.